Directory of Biotechnology Industry in the Greater Bay Area

Who are we?

Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization is an independent nonprofit organization (Charities exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives.

Founded by pioneering scientists with extensive life science backgrounds and multi-cultural experience in research and development, engineering and business. Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization aims to establish and facilitate a worldwide platform for the Hong Kong biotech industry, promote awareness, encouraging and enabling international collaboration. We also provide informed opinion and technical advice to government bodies, healthcare institutions and the general public.

What are we doing?

The biotechnology industry requires great connectivity among its different and diverse stakeholders to establish collaborations, strategic alliances, knowledge exchange and equipment sharing. The lack of a comprehensive biotechnology industry directory in the Greater Bay Area imposes an invisible barrier to local and overseas SME biotech companies. HKBIO is now composing a Biotechnology Industry Directory which aims to address this invisible barrier by capturing a complete statistical picture, creating a comprehensive overview, and providing a quick, easy and comprehensive search for companies and organizations of the broad dynamic biotech industry in Hong Kong.

Why should you join this directory?

  • Be listed in this first comprehensive Greater Bay Area Biotechnology Directory
  • Greater Bay Area is the world’s fastest-growing biotech and pharmaceutical market, where Hong Kong is the world 2nd largest Biotech IPO market nowadays
  • Highlight your company from the industry
  • Easier for potential clients to reach your business
  • Track your competitors and similar companies
  • Identify potential partners